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  • hcplaisance
    Jul 16, 2018

    I'd like to welcome the new members of the Library360 Lab. We are excited to have you join us on this 360 adventure. Virtual handshakes to: Lois Markiewicz, aurora, dee987, echesnut and kbariola. This is an open forum. Please feel free to share your ideas, questions and projects. If you'd like to contact us directly, our contact information is below. Jennifer Hamilton, jen@louisiana.edu Blair Stapleton, blair.stapleton@louisiana.edu Heather Plaisance, hcplaisance@louisiana.edu
  • library360
    May 11, 2018

    Google's new Tour Creator is designed to make it easy for anyone to create and interactive virtual tour, using either their own 360 images or images grabbed from Google Street View. You can read a VR Scout article describing the launch at https://vrscout.com/news/google-tour-creator or check out Tour Creator for yourself at https://vr.google.com/tourcreator
  • library360
    Oct 25, 2017

    Don't have a 360 camera? You can stitch a series of shots together with the popular open source app Hugin. Click here to download from Launchpad . Also on the Launchpad page you will find links to the home page for the app and more.

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