Oct 13, 2017

Join our merry band of 360 library pioneers


Edited: Oct 14, 2017


If you share our excitement about using 360 images and video not only for user orientation, but also as a new channel for information access and library instruction, please consider joining this forum!


Together, as we explore the possibilities, we can share the results of our experiments, our questions, and the tips and tricks we discover along the way.


This group is open to librarians working in any type of library. The current 360 editing tools are being marketed primarily to businesses and K-12 schools for classroom use, but we are convinced there are many engaging possibilities for library applications. We will be more effective in developing best practices and negotiating pricing and service plans that make sense for libraries if we work together.


Join us!

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  • library360
    Oct 13, 2017

    This project began as a library collaboration at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette between (left to right) Jennifer Hamilton, Head of Instruction, Heather Plaisance, Head of Reference, Blair Stapleton, Assistant Dean of Public Services, and Graduate Assistant for Instruction Jordan Richardson. We have been working together to develop some initial library tours and subject guides that use the growing number of annotation and linking tools available for use with 360 images. 360 tours have so far primarily been a means of helping to orient users to library spaces. One could walk through any of these tours and get a sense of what was where, but there was little information about services and no direct access to library collections. Our team is excited to explore how new 360 annotation tools can supercharge our 360 tours with library instruction, collection access, and the opportunity to explore related resources. We are also exploring how 360 images (from campus, other community institutions, and 3D generated fictional environments) could be used to construct immersive subject guides that might be particularly appealing to visual and kinesthetic learners. We hope you will hit the "Members" button in the upper right and add your own experiences, insights, questions, and concerns to our posts below.

Project of Edith Garland Dupré Library at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.