Oct 13, 2017

TourDash Virtual Tours



TourDash virtual Tours are navigated just like Google Map street views, with arrows on the floor that users click to explore in different directions. “Hot Spots” can be established that automatically pull up messages for users as they reach particular areas. These messages can include links to the library web site and calls to action, like to sign up for ILL, request a tour, or search the catalog.




The primary benefit of TourDash is the Menu in the upper left that acts as a table of contents, and allows a visitor to jump directly to the spot that interests them rather than having to go step by step through large buildings or campus complexes.

See the Library section of the Aston University Virtual Tour


TourDash tours can be published on the organization’s web site, Facebook, and Google Maps.


The downside of TourDash is that an annual licence is required for as long as you want to use the content, unlike ThingLink which charges you while creating, but gives you perpetual use of whatever you create during that period with no additional costs. See a breakdown of TourDash pricing here.

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    WondaVR facilitates the development of immersive role playing games, the annotation of 360 photos and video with hotspots, and to create virtual product demonstrations. Because it is desktop rather than browser-based, content can be created that uses your institution's custom fonts for more seamless branding. WondaVR has three education pricing levels -- $79 annual subscription for students, $349 per year for teachers, and $3,449 for an annual campus subscription with 50 installations. This software is something you download, rather than use in the cloud.
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