Oct 13, 2017

360 Photo Challenges


Edited: Oct 14, 2017


Our team tested two different cameras, and found that regardless of equipment, 360 photography involves working around some inherent challenges, including

  1. Finding the right height

  2. Staying out of camera view without leaving the limited wi-fi range of the camera to trigger each shot

  3. Things your mind filters (trash can, out of order sign) and how those will leap out in the photo

  4. Lighting

  5. Masking the tripod


New Posts
  • library360
    Oct 25, 2017

    Don't have a 360 camera? You can stitch a series of shots together with the popular open source app Hugin. Click here to download from Launchpad . Also on the Launchpad page you will find links to the home page for the app and more.
  • library360
    Oct 18, 2017

    It's not easy keeping the photographer out of a 360 image. Especially with the limited wifi range of the camera, with which your phone or tablet must stay connected to take each shot. Whenever wifi issues emerge, there can be a delay before the phone reconnects, and a frustrated photographer might wander back into frame trying to get a signal, and get caught in a delayed shot. Like this one! And this one And it is no coincidence that the same hard working graduate student appears in a number of our early 360 test shots...

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